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About Christine

Christine Balzer-Gibbs - Yoga Teacher, Registered Naturopath

Yoga Teacher Christine Balzer GibbsI have over 25 years experience working with people in the field of natural health, yoga, body/mind work,kinesiology, personal growth and stress management. It is my life's commitment to awaken and empower people to create happy, healthy, fulfilled and authentic lives. I delight in sharing my experience, knowledge and skills in the field of  yoga and quantum health and wellbeing.

I Start My Healing Journey

My healing journey began in 1978 when on my OE I  had a serious accident on a fishing boat in Alaska and fractured my skull and thorasic spine. After returning to NZ I could no longer teach . The medical profession said there wasn't any more they could do for me, but I knew I was far from right. This is when I discovered Kinesiology and became a Touch for Health instructor and moved to Sydney to study at the NSW College of Natural Therapies, all as part of my own healing process.

Yoga Training in India

Finding a love and natural affinity for healing I continued to heal myself and expand  my learning. I studied hypnotherapy, massage and then in 1984 went  to  Pondicherry, India, to study at Ananda Ashram with Dr Swami Gitananda for 6 months and received a Yoga Teachers Diploma. Dr. Swami Gitananda preserved the Rishi Yoga culture in its pure form as it has been handed down through a long line of Rishis who were the ancient enlightened seers that initiated the yoga tradition and Vedic culture.

Setting Up a Yoga and Healing Centre in New Zealand

While being fully immersed in a very authentic classical yoga training, I met my husband Eddie from Switzerland and we eventually moved back to NZ in 1987 and set up a  Floatation Tank Relaxation centre in Devonport while bringing up our young family.

After a further three months yoga training in India we came back and expanded our centre to include a yoga studio.  In 1992 I became an Avatar Master and would run regular nine-day Avatar courses in Auckland and around the country.

Naturopathic Training

In 1997 the family moved to Upper Hutt and while looking after the children I set up yoga classes and have been running yoga classes in Upper Hutt ever since in various locations.

My love for learning has never stopped and in 2004 I completed my Naturopathic Diploma and set up Lifesource Yoga and Naturopathic Centre. And now we are in Whakatane.

My trainings include:

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