Welcome - Namaste

Christine Balzer-Gibbs of Lifesource aims to bring you back into a healthy strong connection with the source of your being. To be empowered and supported. To restore balance and harmony to your body, mind and spirit; and be in the best of possible health, naturally...all through Christine's expert professional experience and health guidance.

Christine will help you:

DETERMINE CAUSAL ISSUES: Find out what is causing your health issues through a detailed consultation and bodywork protocol that gets immediate feedback from your body as to the area causing concern and what your body's priority for healing is.

SPECIFICITY: Provide a tailored plan of healing by working with you to create an effective and individual strategy for your specific needs. 

From my clients

"Christine has the tools to help you reach your health goals. If you are ready to make those changes I 100 percent recommend her! Thank you."
- Reanne